Jozef’s Story

Jozef’s Story

A personal note from the editor...

Hi there! My name’s Jozef Daniel Astley. Thank you for visiting my personal blog. I hope you have enjoyed the articles on this website so far. More will be added in the course of time. I would love to hear from you personally, so feel free to contact me at Let’s stay in touch!

Meet the editor!

Jozef Daniel Astley (b. 1987) is a British-Dutch journalist of religion, poet and Bible teacher from the Netherlands. He is the founder and editor of Advent InSight and lives in the vicinity of Den Bosch.

He writes about Christian theology, Bible Prophecy and its fulfilment in history, and contemporary issues related to Christian morality. Other interests include Christian apologetics, comparative religion and mythology, ancient and modern history, Biblical archaeology, international politics, ethics, philosophy, religious art, the history of ideas, journalism and non-fiction writing.