Come, let us watch the night (Poem with audio)

Come, let us watch the night (Poem with audio)

A poem I wrote back in 2012. Enjoy!


Come, let us watch the night
With torches burning, the fire bright,
Lighting our way while all is darkness
The light of day has long departed
On towers high, like mountains looming
Let us stand, eyes opened wide
While on our knees, we plead for wisdom
Clasp the Hand our souls to guide

“Come up hither,” ever higher
Heaven’s gates are opened wide
Leave the dirt of earth behind thee,
Rise by faith and soar the heights:
Of solemn joys and Beauty’s splendour
Glory bright and Love Divine
For in Christ is music’s anchor
Raise by faith thy songs sublime!

Choirs of praise, come lift thy anthem!
Praise thy King who reigns supreme
Passions conquered, devils fleeing
Faith takes flight when grace thy theme!
No more I, but Christ that liveth!
Crucified with Him I’ll rise!
precious promise, faith now seeing,
the Saviour’s blood, my Source of life!

Slaves of love, come sing thy chorus!
Has not grace thy heart subdued?
Conquered hearts, now raised to glory,
Has not God thy soul pursued?
Lost in searching, thou hast found Him
For He sought thee, brought thee nigh
First in all, at last He bound thee
Captive in His courts on High

© J.D. Astley, 2012-2020