05/08/2017 Rebuilding Babylon: The Papacy’s Return to Power (video)

05/08/2017 Rebuilding Babylon: The Papacy’s Return to Power (video)

A powerpoint presentation by Jozef D. Astley recorded on Sabbath 5 August 2017 at the International SDA Church in Voorburg (The Hague) in the Netherlands.


“… the dogma of union between church and state… is the essence of Antichrist and the germ of persecution: an injustice to man, and an impertinence to God. The inmost soul of Protestantism is the responsibility of the conscience to God alone, the spiritual nature of true religion, and the freedom of faith from the rule of earthly lords. State-churchism is antichristian, and always ripens into oppression and tyranny wherever opportunity is given it. “NO POPERY” is our cry, and therefore laying the ax at the root of the system, we demand the abolition of every union between church and state, and the disallowance of every form of interference on the part of Caesar with things which belong alone to God.”

Charles H. Spurgeon, The Inquisition, August 1868, Sword and Trowel